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Moving FAQs

When is the right time to contact a moving company?

Ideally, you should get in touch with a moving service provider at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to your intended move. The more time we have, the better we can plan your schedule. With enough time in hand, we can offer advice on the type and cost of services available, and also arrange for a personal move consultant.

Should I do my own packing or leave it for the professionals?

If you are thinking of the costs involved, then it is true that doing your own packing will help reduce your moving expenses. However, it is essential to remember that packing plays an important role in the protection of goods. It is also an extremely dull and monotonous process. South Texas Movers, on the other hand, provides a variety of options when it comes to packing services.

What if the moving truck cannot access my new home or office?

Prior to the actual delivery, we conduct a survey whereby our estimator identifies possible routes to your destination. In case a truck cannot reach your home or office premises, we arrange for a shuttle service. This comes with an additional charge which is based on the consignment’s weight and distance to be covered.

How should I pack my essentials so that they are easily accessible?

South Texas Mover’s moving services include a loading option. For instance, all hardware should be put into a parts box provided by us, and listed as the first item on the inventory. Things that you are likely to require first need to go in the containers marked ‘load last’. This will ensure that you get all essential items delivered first.

Will South Texas Movers be able to move my car?

In collaboration with United Van Lines, South Texas Movers provides car shipment facilities. You can choose to move your car in a car carrier, or an enclosed van service.

Is there anything a moving company cannot relocate?

South Texas Movers cannot move any kind of combustible or inflammable substances. We also suggest that you yourself carry valuables like cash, jewelry, etc. Additionally, we do not transport live plants on interstate or international moves. You can check our literature for more information on items that are not allowed to be shipped.

Will there be any unexpected or unpleasant surprises with South Texas Movers?

South Texas Movers has been offering moving services for over 60 years now. We are a licensed organization, and work as an agent for a global moving company. We are also associated with various professional movers’ organizations like Greater Houston Movers Association, Houston Relocation Professionals, The Better Business Bureau, Southwest Movers Association, American Moving and Storage Association, and Employee Relocation Council. You can get in touch with a move consultant for detailed information on your rights as a consumer.

What exactly does an “agent” mean?

We work in collaboration with United Van Lines, UniGroup Worldwide, and Mayflower Transit. As their agent, we provide local, long-distance, and international moving services.

Can I store my belongings if I need to?

We understand that real estate timetables often don’t work out, and you may need to store your belongings for some time before you can take possession of them. We have one of the best storage facilities where you can keep goods in a climate controlled and completely secure environment.

What is the preferred mode of payment for moving services offered by South Texas Movers?

You can pay for our services with cash, money orders, and certified checks. We also accept all major credit cards.

Is there a particularly suitable time for moving?

Yes there is. With experience, we have identified the “peak periods” in the moving business. The beginning and end of a month are usually busy times, as in the period stretching from 15th May to 1st September. You should ideally choose to schedule your move towards the middle of a month.

How long will it take for South Texas Movers to deliver my belongings?

We guarantee the delivery time based on a calculation of how far you are moving. As per legal guidelines, drivers can travel 500 miles in a day. The delivery schedule also takes into account the loading and unloading time of other shipments.

While on the move, what are my possible coverage options?

We offer 2 basic coverage options:

  • Basic Carrier Liability — Protection is estimated at $.60 for each pound, at no extra cost to you. So, if a 20lbs LCD TV is damaged, you are entitled to be paid $12.
  • Replacement Cost Protection — This is a more sophisticated level of protection. To avail of this option, you need to declare a lump sum valuation of your consignment, at a minimum rate of $6 per pound. In return, we offer you complete coverage. For instance, if any of your belongings is lost or damaged, we replace it regardless of the cost.